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    TRUCKCITY CB & Solar
           320 Birch Street Milton, WA.   Tacoma 253-927-2088

CB and Solar Service is our Specialty
Located at 320 Birch Street Milton, WA.  


Huge Repair Parts Inventory

   Truckcity CB and Solar has stayed in business since 1972 for one reason, our service. You want the power to talk with authority and we understand that. Anyone can sell a CB but we can power-tune or super-tune your radio so it performs better because of brute power. You have probably heard about carrier frequency, modulation and all the rest but what does it mean. The exact definition doesn't really matter but when the carrier and modulation add up to more power, that is what is important.
    CB radio was originally designed to be a relatively low powered short range communication system. This contradicts what everybody wants. It is why you hear so much about linear amplifiers and all the rest. CB manufacturers are held to strict limits to the power their radios can put out. To stay within these limits the manufacturers tune the radios a little under the limit.
We learned how to make CB radios talk and hear a lot better at Truckcity by perfectly tuning everything so there is no loss of power anywhere.
   The technicians at Truckcity CB know how to make your power meter swing so you talk with authority. We have developed blueprints for every radio over the years and updated them with new ideas all along. Don't be concerned about your radio burning itself out because of too much power, we know just the right combination of carrier and modulation for maximum power and range for you.
Please click CB Service to see how to get your CB tuned to the max.
   The radio is only the starting point. The rest of the system is just as important. The type of antenna, where the antenna is mounted, coax length, placement and power hookup all add up to either give you excellent performance or poor performance. One little mistake can make a big difference. (Click CB Installation tips) for some great tips that will keep you from making any of those little power robbing mistakes.

    In 2005 we got into Solar to offset the decline in CB. We are exercising the same care with our new solar customers as we always have. We have become experts in solar electric, water heating and home-business heating. We thank you for your patronage.


Truckcity CB, GPS has been in the CB business since 1972 and solar since 2005. Best CB selection, Best Ham radio selection, Largest inventory of CB supplies. Knowledgeable sales people, CB radio experts. CB and ham radio warranty. First solar store in the South Seattle area.