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    TRUCKCITY CB & Solar
           320 Birch Street Milton, WA.   Tacoma 253-927-2088
    Value = Product knowledge and Service

This is only a fraction of our huge inventory of parts and accessories. The knowledge to know what part works best for you is another reason Truckcity CB has been successful since 1972.


Our technicians are CB engineers that have been highly trained in the application of available CBs and CB accessories. We can tell you what kind of a radio will work best for you and your vehicle. We do over 1000 installations per year so all of us at Truckcity CB have a vast accumulation of CB knowledge to share with you.

Complete Custom CB System
Call us in Milton/Tacoma, WA. 253-927-2088

We can't tell you part numbers of the components of our systems because the bargan basement sites tell people to call us and get all the numbers and then call them and get everything a little cheaper. Yes they do that.

Just tell us what you want and we will explain what you should buy and what you should expect from it.

This is a customers new dodge pickup. The mount for the antenna goes under the hood and uses existing bolts so no holes need to be drilled or no paint needs removed. It's a clean installation.

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