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320 Birch Street Milton, WA.   253-927-2088

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Where do you go these days for CB Service, almost all the old CB Shops are gone.

   Truckcity CB opened in Tacoma, WA. and Federal Way, WA. in 1972 when CB radio was still relatively new. We sold everything we could get our hands on. The manufacturers couldn't keep up with the demand. When the CB boom of the late 1970's came along more and more CB and CB accessory manufacturers filled our shelves with everything you could think of.
   Now that the CB business has become smaller more and more CB and CB accessory manufacturers have dropped out of the CB market. We can't get everything we use to but Truckcity CB still carries the goodies that are still out there or we know where to get them.

   Brent is quickly testing a microphone for modulation and switching using our dynascan test bench. Of course you must listen for the telltale scratchiness of a internally frayed shield wire through an amplifier of some kind because you can't always see it on a scope. It is very important to have all the proper scematics, test equipment and plenty of experience to do the job right the first time. All the technicians here at Truckcity CB have prided ourselves in giving you, our customer, the most power for your money. This is what has kept us in business for all these years.

Service, mikes and coax Prices
Employees can't give discounts so please don't make them uncomfortable by asking for one.

Hand-made Coaxial Cable 6' $17.95 9' $19.95 12' $20.95 15' $22.95 18' $23.95

Hand-made CO-phase Cable 9' $27.95 18' $36.95

Coaxial Cable bulk $1.25 per ft

Eyelets $.50 ea.

PL 259 Connector $4.95 ea.

Radio Installation (Standard)

First hour $89.95 Each hour after that $69.95

Radio and Antenna system check $19.95

Mic check $4.95 Radio bench check $10.95

Antenna SWR check $12.95

Antenna Match Tuneable $15.95 Cutting whip $20.95

Radio Repair AM Mobile + parts $75.95

(Repair while you wait AM Base + parts $90.95 Add $15.00)

Radio Repair SSB mobile + parts $90.95

SSB Base + parts $95.95

Tune-ups AM $40.95 AM with radio purchase $35.00 SSB $50.95 SSB with radio purchase $45.00

Removing the case of any radio or any electronics for any unknown reason starts at: $75.95

Toy installation (standard) $35.95

Talk back (standard) $25.95

Talk back resistor $4.95

Switch for toys or talkback $5.95

Toy using existing switch $15.95

Install toy switch in bottom $15.95 where speaker is. (Switch not included)

Install toy switch in side of case. $25.95 (Switch not included)

Mic Repair each end + parts $12.95

Wire Power mic at purchase $10.00

Mic plug 4 pin $5.95

Mic 5pin $6.95

Mic 6pin $7.95

Right angle Mic plug $9.95

Mic replacement (A) $29.95

Mic replacement (B,C etc.) $34.95

Bench labor (Soldering etc.) Minimum $9.95 Per hour $69.95

Coaxial Connector install Bench (per end) $4.95

Outside (per end) $9.95

We don't carry the cheap truckstop stuff.

Fast, Quality CB service for any model. Technician on duty Monday through Saturday for your convenience.