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    TRUCKCITY CB & Solar
           320 Birch Street Milton, WA.   Tacoma 253-927-2088

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"The Good One"

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CB Modifications

There are a million modifications that can be done to a CB radio. They can be strictly performance enhancing or fun things like echos, tarzans or a thousand other noise toys. Since CB is a transceiver it is complicated and doing the smallest thing wrong can inhibit it's operation or cause it to fail completely.

The trained technicians here at Truckcity CB have all the experience and resources that 28 years in the business can offer. Our huge library of technical information gives the advantage when it comes to giving you the best and fastest service so you can get back to some serious blabin.

Hand-made Coaxial Cable 6' $17.95--9' $19.95--12' $20.9--15' $22.9--18' $23.95

Hand-made CO-phase Cable 9' $27.9--18' $36.95

Coaxial Cable bulk $1.25 per ft.

Eyelets $.50 ea. PL 259 Connector $4.95 ea.

Radio Installation (Standard) First hour $89.9--Each hour after that $69.95

Radio and Antenna system check $19.95

Mic bench check $4.95

Radio bench check $10.95

Radio repair diagnosis and repair estimate $30.00

Antenna SWR check $12.95

Antenna Match Tuneable tip $15.95--Cutting whip to tune $20.95

Radio Repair AM Mobile + parts $75.95 (Repair while you wait Add $15.00)

Radio Repair AM Base + parts $90.95

Radio Repair SSB mobile + parts $90.95 SSB--Base + parts $95.95

Tune-ups AM $40.95--AM w/radio purchase $35.00--SSB $50.95--SSB w/radio purchase $45.00

Removing the case of any radio or any electronics for any reason starts at: $30.00

Installing toys in a transmitter requires a skilled technician. I don't recommend installing toys yourself unless you're trained or have experience inside radios.

Install toy switch in bottom $15.95 where speaker is. (Switch not included)

Install toy switch in side of case. $25.95 (Switch not included)

Mic Repair each end $12.95 + parts

Wire Power mic at purchase $10.00

Mic plug 4 pin $5.95--5 pin $6.95--6 pin $7.95--Right angle $9.95

Mic replacement (A-Cobra-Uniden ) $29.95

Mic replacement (B,C etc.) $34.95

Bench labor (Soldering etc.) Minimum $9.95--$69.95 Per hour

Coaxial Connector install Bench (per end) $4.95--Outside (per end) $9.95

We don't carry the cheap truckstop stuff.

CB power adjustment switching, Power tunes, Super tunes, Modulators, Noise toys, Talk backs.