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    TRUCKCITY CB & Solar
                    320 Birch Street Milton, WA.   253-927-2088


Truckcity CB carries over 50 CB radios always in stock. We can Power tune or Supertune your CB radio and have it ready to go in one day. We will tune or supertune your radio, new or old or weather you buy it from us or not. Come on down or contact us today.

Cobra-economical, normal power cb. Some models supertuneable.
economical, normal and medium power. Some modeles supertuneable.
normal power cb
medium power ham/cb. Linear tunable (high drive)
high power ham/cb. Linear tunable (high drive)
normal power cb
medium and high power ham/cb. Linear tunable (high drive)

Tuneup prices

Tuneups AM $35.95 AM with radio purchase $30.00
Tuneups SSB $45.95 SSB with radio purchase $40.00
Supertune $57.70 With radio purchase $50.00

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