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    TRUCKCITY CB & Solar
           320 Birch Street Milton/Tacoma 253-927-2088
Modulation is the blabbin that is carried on the frequency.

The blabbin is only part of it though. There are a thousand noise toys out there for CB radio.

Echoes, beeps, squeaks, funny sayings, musical stuff and the rest. All of these are available to install in your CB. It takes some technical know-how to install them right so be careful or have us do it for you. Just contact us and tell us what you want.

Toy installation (standard) $30.95 Talk back (standard) $20.95
Talk back resistor $2.95
Switch for toys or talkback $4.95
Toy using existing switch $10.95
Install toy switch in bottom $10.95 where spkr is. (Switch not included)
Install toy switch in side of case. $20.95 (Switch not included)

CB Power Mikes, Echo Mikes, Power handling Antennas, Echo modules, Reverbs, Goofy sounds, Toy installations and repairs.