E Plus for more power, more performance, more of everything from $3099.

Start with the other bikes double their performance and quality and you get an E+

The E+ Elite Retro Cruiser offers styling and comfort with the exhilaration of a high performance electric bike. Underneath lies the new and proprietary Electric Motion Systems' electric drive, available only on E+ Electric Bikes – state-of-the-art, more powerful, and more reliable than ever before.
Bicycle Specifications:
Hub Motor: E+ 1000 Watts (true power) brushless permanent magnet, gearless 63lb-ft (85Nm) Torque
Suspension with a long through smooths the ride on road or trail, up or down hill
30+ mph top speed, steep hill climbing ability Integrated into Hub of rear wheel
Battery: E+ FRONT Hub Designed LIGHTWEIGHT POWERful Lithium Battery Pack 37V, 10Ah
LCD Display: Integrated cycle trip computer and vehicle controller

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Currie Economic E-Bikes from $1399

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Elegant looks. Nimble handling, Responsive electric power.
Sleek and enormous fun. The Via Rapido is a blast to ride.
It's fast - equipped with strong and light 700 C wheels,
35 C street treads with Slime® puncture resistant inner tubes.
It's Fun - flip the switch and feel the power,
light - easily removable lithium-ion battery pack and high grade components make it so.
Comfortable - suspension fork and seat post, Velo® comfort saddle, grips and adjustable rise stem for a plush ride.
And did we mention that this baby handles?
The Via Rapido is designed specifically for commuters and sport riders with an integrated pedal assist system.
The relaxed upright seating, front suspension fork and seat post make it great on the street or any paved surface.


Hebb Electric bikes for everyday transportation and fun night or day, rain or shine.

COLORS: Men’s - Silver, Black Step-Through - Silver
MOTOR: 350W brushless DC motor with planetary gears makes those hills and against the wind easy.
CHARGER: 2 amps smart charger 4.5 - 5 hours charge time from wall plug, vehicle or solar.
BRAKES: Front - Disc Brakes Rear - Shimano Roller
FRONT FORK: Aluminum alloy crown with 45mm travel suspension for smooth control
FENDERS and CHAIN GUARDS: Polycarbonate because sometimes we get caught out in the rain.
LAMPS: Low wattage LED front and rear powered by main battery for safe rides after dark.
SIZES: Men’s - 19", 17" Step-Through - 17"
CONTROLLER: PWM 31.5V Overload protection 20 amps
OPERATION MODE: Safe, easy thumb control throttle with cuttoff at 20 mph
RIM: Weinmann Rigida DW with 13g stainless steel spokes
CHAIN WHEEL: 48T Steel, Alluminum Alloy crank
REAR CARRIER: Al Alloy for up to 55 pounds of gear.
TOTAL WEIGHT: 59 lbs. so it's easy to put on the bike rack or in the rig.
FRAME: Aluminum Alloy 6061 TS
BATTERY: Powerful lightweight locking/easily removable, 37V, 10Ah Lithium Ion Polymer Battery
TIRES: 26" x 1.75" Schwalbe Puncture Resistant
GEARS: Shimano Inner 7 for easy shiftin and gminimum maintenance
CHAIN: KMC RB series rustproof
SADDLE: Velo cruiser 8019E
RANGE: 20-miles pedaling a little, over 30 miles pedaling more
SPEEDOMETER: Cateye Digital Speedometer/odometer
500.17.M.S Model 500 17" Men's Frame; Painted Silver $2,199.00
500.17.ST.S Model 500; 17" Step Through Frame; Painted Silver $2,199.00
500.19.M.B Model 500; 19" Men's Frame; Painted Black $2,199.00
500.19.M.S Model 500; 19" Men's Frame; Painted Silver $2,199.00


FYI: Washington State up to 1000 watts Electric-assisted bicycle Laws are the same as riding a regular bicycle.
"Electric-assisted bicycle" means a bicycle with two or three wheels, a saddle, fully operative pedals for human propulsion, and an electric motor. The electric-assisted bicycle's electric motor must have a power output of no more than one thousand watts, be incapable of propelling the device at a speed of more than twenty miles per hour on level ground, and be incapable of further increasing the speed of the device when human power alone is used to propel the device beyond twenty miles per hour.[70] No person may drive either a two-wheeled or a three-wheeled motorcycle, or a motor-driven cycle unless such person has a valid driver's license specially endorsed by the director to enable the holder to drive such vehicles. No driver's license is required for operation of an electric-assisted bicycle if the operator is at least sixteen years of age. Persons under sixteen years of age may not operate an electric-assisted bicycle. Persons operating electric-assisted bicycles shall comply with all laws and regulations related to the use of bicycle helmets. Electric-assisted bicycles and motorized foot scooters may have access to highways of the state to the same extent as bicycles. Electric-assisted bicycles and motorized foot scooters may be operated on a multipurpose trail or bicycle lane, but local jurisdictions may restrict or otherwise limit the access of electric-assisted bicycles and motorized foot scooters, and state agencies may regulate the use of motorized foot scooters on facilities and properties under their jurisdiction and control.

Conversions with 350 watts and lithium batteries from $999---1000 watt with lithium batteries in the front hub. $2699

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Bicycles are the transportation people choose most around the world and E-Bikes rule the bicycle world.

It's like you're always riding down hill!!! Perfect for exercise, running errands, hunting, fishing or commuting. Perfectly legal anywhere you can ride a bicycle (see Washington State E Bike laws at bottom).