Open the reflector, aim at the sun, preheat for an hour and cook

No fuel, no flames, great performance and looking good (will heat to over 550 degrees)

Bake a full size loaf of brown crusty French Bread in one hour

Fishing, camping, hunting or outdoor living anywhere you can have a dependable clean, hot oven

Gourmet Solar Ovens

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Enjoy cooking year round
at the mountain, lake, river or home
Even on cold, windy winter days

Lower your kitchen footprint a lot

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125x600 case, tube combination includes tube, reflector, door and tray $250
Glass Solar 125x600 evacuated tube only $100
125x600 Case only includes
, reflector, door and tray $150

Shipping charge depends on your location
Approximate freight in the us: combination $80 (2 packages) only $ only $40
Approximate freight toCanada or Mexico: combination $114 (2 packages) only $ only $57
email Bill for exact freight to your location.

tube only, case only or tube case combination

Safety and user tips

Do not put your hand or arm inside the glass tube because the glass may be hot and may break.

Keep your oven out of reach of children and pets.
For safety store in a dark container so it can't accidentally get hot.
The round end has a little tip that needs protection or it might get broken (see tip directions below).
Don't drop, scratch or strike the glass with a hard object (glass/metal) or place hard objects inside.
Don't wash in a hard sink or next to other glass/metal objects.
Temperatures above 500 degrees inside and will ignite flammables.
Clean with cloth or scrubby sponge.
Don't scrape or scratch inside or outside glass with metal.
Don't leave Baby Thermo in the sun with no liquid inside because it will melt the lid.
Danger: Be careful when heating liquids because they can supper heat and may suddenly boil over.

User tips:
Make a lid out of foil in the shape of a hockey puck about an inch thick (don't use wood it swells may break the glass).
For hottest condition keep the oven 90 degrees (perpendicular) to the sun.
To lower temperature turn less perpendicular or shade the oven a little.
Preheat the oven to 400-500 degrees before cooking/baking.
Don't preheat oven and fill with water/liquid or the glass may break.
Use the same cook temperature and time as a conventional oven.
Cooking/baking can be done right on the glass.
For containers use foil or foil pans.
Danger: Be careful to catch any extremely hot juices that will run out the end. (pets will get into it)
Avoid letting sugary food burn on glass it's hard to clean off.
For burned on stuff use oven cleaner over night then rinse out with water. (Don't get cleaner on foil)

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Vacuum tube only $100

Case, tube combination $250